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  RHéa / Employee management

Employee management: permanent, seasonal and bi-seasonal. Civil status, wage calculation with NCA/SNTF coefficients, length of service/seniority management (per year or per season), management of the remuneration level, extraction of salary components, data base for drawing up contracts or contractual amendments, skills updating and re-training, qualification management, contractual or company bonuses, clothing and uniform management, medical examinations ...
  • Permanent and seasonal employee management
  • Bi-seasonal employee management
  • Complete civil status
  • Salary calculation (SNTF coefficient, seniority, ...))
  • Management of remuneration levels (NR)
  • Extraction of salary components
  • Direct mail base for drawing up contracts
  • Skills updating and re-training
  • Qualification management
  • Contractual bonuses
  • Clothing and uniform management
  • Medical examinations
A new option for the 2014/2015 season:
  • Rhéa is a custom-developed product and can be adapted precisely to suit the corporate culture. The ski station's agreements and practices are respected to the letter.